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Hidup itu bagaikan pohon,

Tak semua pohon berbunga,

Tak semua pohon itu berbuah,

Dan tak semua pohon itu berdaun…


Begitulah realita kehidupan,

Tak semua orang itu berjaya,

Tak semua orang itu kaya,

Dan tak semua orang itu sama.


Mengapa ia mampu menjalani pahit kehidupan?.

Mengapa ia mampu berdiri dalam kerapuhan?.

Tahukah anda, bahwa ia

Memiliki akar keimanan.

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  1. Nearly each listening to help in the final 17 years has been 3D printed because of a collaboration between Materialise and Phonak. Prior to RSM, making one listening to help required 9 laborious steps involving hand sculpting and mold making, and the outcomes had been typically ill-fitting. With RSM, a technician uses silicone to take an impression of the ear canal, that impression is 3D scanned, and after some minor tweaking the model is 3D printed with a resin 3D printer. Using this process, Hardsided Luggage hundreds of 1000's of listening to aids are 3D printed annually.

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